I Violet Moseneke started curtain business during 1997 to date, when I started this business; I had no basics for curtain designing. I met the lady from RayMarcie school of swags and pelmet during the year April 2001 at the Rand Show. She took me from just an ordinary curtain maker to a swags an pelmet designer.

RayMarcie instilled something in me that made me a better designer who is able to create my own designs, having an eye for beauty and to co-ordinate colors, match patterns, make curtain swags, pelmets and installation thereof.

The impact of the know how, which I learned from RayMarcie made a vast difference in my business as a whole. It took my business from ordinary curtain shop to an up-market curtain designing business.

I thank God for RayMarcie for opening my eye to see things in a different way and to have developed me into a creative person, whom is known in my own area and afar off.


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RayMarcie Academy

Designer curtain making

Want to know how to:

  • Cut & drape swags & tails
  • Make up bullnose pelmets
  • Start your own curtain making business
  • Calculate fabric quantities
  • Measure curtains
  • Install curtains
  • Improve your own curtain making business
  • Do venue draping
  • Table Settings
  • Flower Arranging
  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Business Logistics

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Start your own business

After completing the RayMarcie Diploma course, you can start your own curtain making business with minimal start up capital.

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