After nineteen years of making curtains for the private sector within the sphere of Raz Interiors, RayMarc Designs evolved into existence. Filling certain niches in the curtaining market, most particularly in the training field with the RayMarcie Curtain Academy. Expanding to include Venue Draping, Flower Arranging, Table Settings and Bridal Bouquets.

RayMarcie Academy was started due to demand and as a result of a divine blessing and inspiration that was bestowed on Marcelle enlightening her with the method to create the RayMarcieSwags & Tails patterns. These patterns and methods for swags & tails making are the most user friendly option available today. Allowing you to make award winning décor for your windows.

About Marcelle & Ray

Life partners Marcelle & Ray are both well known in the window décor field. Their motto in their previous business Raz Interiors was "No matter what their client's station in life, each and every client was a VIP to them and received the same standard of expertise and service from them". This belief reigns supreme in their current venture, The RayMarcie Academy.

Ray, formally an aircraft maintenance engineer, interests are: stock markets, history, classical music & nature, most particularly sunsets, and the African skies.

Marcelle is blessed with two champion sons, three delightful grandchildren, and two outstanding daughters-in-law. Marcelle has always been in a creative field, formally a bridal boutique owner and florist. Followed by the well known curtain décor business Raz interiors. Her interests are cooking for and hosting family gatherings and functions, music, dancing, yoga, people, reading and spiritual enlightenment.

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